The Memorial

Amet-Khan Soultan
(25.10.1920 - 1.02.1971)

Amet-Khan Soultan     Amet-Khan Soultan - Twice a Hero of the Soviet Union (24.08.1943, 29.06.1945), merited test pilot of the USSR (23.09.1961), colonel-lieutenant.
   Born on October 25th, 1920 in the town of Aloupka (the Crimea). A graduate of technical college. Work as a technician at the railway depot. In 1939 graduated from Simferopol aeroclub.
   From 1939 had been in the Army. In 1940 graduated from Kacha Air Force Pilot Training High School. Served in the Air Force regiments.
   Amet-Khan was a participant of WWII: a wing commander from June 1941 to December 1942, an aircraft squadron commander of the 4th fighter regiment, deputy commander of the 9th fighter regiment from December 1942 to May 1945; flew 603 combat missions, had 150 air combat with 30 enemy airplanes shot down personally and 19 ones being in group flying. From 1946 had been in military reserve.
   From 1947 worked as a test pilot at the Flight Research Institute. On June 16th, 1949 together with I. Shelest on Tu-4 airplane performed fully automatic air refuelling, the first one in the country.
   Made the first flight and tested I-320 (P-1)fighter interceptor (as a co-pilot). Conducted unique tests of the K manned analogue of the wing shell designed by the Mikoyan Design bureau in co-operation with Design Bureau-1.
   Amet-Khan made the first take off from the ground on the wing shell C analogue (January 4th, 1951), the first flight from the aircraft carrier Tu-4 (May, 1951), the first flight on the wing shell (July 23rd, 1955).
   Perished on February 1st, 1971 making a test flight on Tu-16 test-bed.
   Amet-Khan lived in the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow region. Buried in Novodevichye Cemetery in Moscow.
   Winner of the State Award of the USSR (1953). Was awarded with three Orders of Lenin, five Orders of the Red Banner, Alexander Nevsky Order, 1st Degree Order of the Patriotic War, Order of the Red Star, "Sign of Honour", medals.

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