А-57 A-57
strategic bomber

    A-57 was proposed in 1957 by R L Bartini. There were several versions of this and the considerably smaller Ye-57. The A-57 shown would have been powered by five Kuznetsov NK-10 engines, each of 25,000 kg (55,115 Ib) thrust. This 320 tonne (705,467 Ib) vehicle, with a length of 69.5m (228ft) and wing area of 755m2 (8,127ft2), was to have been water-based for operational flexibility and to avoid having to use vulnerable airfields (though it also had skids for airfield landings if necessary). It would have carried a 244N thermonuclear bomb internally, as well as a 2RS (later RSR) carried pick-a-back to the target at 2,500km/h (l,553mph, Mach 2.35) to serve as an accompanying reconnaissance aircraft. Together they could cover targets within a radius of 5,000km (3,107 miles), the Tsybin 2RS reconnaissance vehicle using its fuel only on the return flight.

Design R.L.Bartini, OKB P.V.Tsybin
Type A-57
Function strategic bomber
Crew 3
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 69,5-72,5
Wing Span, m 36,5-37,1
Overall height, m 7,5
Wing area, m2 755,0
Take-off weight, kg 250000 (320000)
Engines 5 Turbojet NK-10B 5 Turbojet NK-6
Trust (форсаж), kgf 5 х 26000 5 х 22500
Performance (project)
Max. speed, km/h 2500
Max range, km 12000 (14000)
Practical ceiling, m 18000-23000

Схема А-57
Компоновка А-57

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