Il-62 Classic
transport aircraft

    Designed for Aeroflot's intercontinental routes and looking not a little like the British VC-10, the Il-62 made its first flight on 3 January 1963. However, it was another four years before it entered scheduled passenger services on 10 March 1967 from Moscow to Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk, indicative of the initial problems with both the airframe and engines. First scheduled international service was on 15 September 1967 to Montreal, following which the aircraft became a familiar sight all over the Aeroflot network. It is widely believed that four prototypes were built, one of which is believed to have crashed in 1965 and another was used solely for water tank pressurisation tests. Production at Kazan was said to have continued until 1995, however, later reports said that the last aircraft were built during 1993. As the highest aircraft known was certified by mid 1993 this seems correct. Including the prototypes, total production now is surmised as being as many as 289. However, the factory states 292 (5 prototypes, 94 Il-62's and 193 Il-62M's). The last four aircraft remained unsold at the factory in 1997 and the last delivery was reported as being on 10jan96 but this not include RA-86586 of Magma that was probably delivered in 1999. Early models of the Il-62 have a five digit c/n which denoted the year of manufacture, the batch number and the number of the aircraft in the batch (never more than 05). In 1977, after completion of the fourth aircraft in the 25th batch, a new system was introduced using a seven figure number, which showed the quarter of the year in which manufacture took place as well as the batch number and the number of the aircraft in the batch. However, the fifth and the seventh digits have just no meanning, the Kazan plant wsa used to add random numbers to make it all look more complexe. Some aircraft which originally had five digit c/n's now display the seven digit varaiety and these are given where known. If access to the log book is not possible the c/n can be seen stencilled on the rear bulkhead of the main undercarriage housing, the manufacturer's plate is to be found on the right main undercarriage.

6 22 02 (CCCP-86453, same aircraft later c/n, see below)
 |  |   |-------- number in the batch
 |  |-----------  batch number
 |--------------  year of manufacture (1963/1977)
1 6 22 3 2 3 (CCCP-86453, which basically means the same)
 | |   |.. |  |  |--- has no meaning, random; not an uncommen thing for the Kazan plant to do
 | |   | ..|  |----- number in the batch
 | |   |.. |------- has no meaning, random; not an uncommen thing for the Kazan plant to do
 | |   |----------  batch number
 | |-------------  year of manufacture (1963/now)
 |---------------  quarter of manufacture

Ilyushin Il-62 list
c/n b/n Type c/s f/f / loc data Notes
Factory # 22 Kazan production
3 00 01 CCCP-06156(*) Il-62 Aeroflot f/f 03jan63 crashed 25feb65; registration later used on a Mi-8
3 00 02 CCCP-06153(*) Il-62 Aeroflot f/f 24apr64 wfu; reg later a Mi-2 c/n 93523
3 00 03 CCCP-06176 Il-62 Aeroflot Zuk 16may65 was transferred this date for final assembly; f/f 28jul65
4 00 04 CCCP-06170(*) Il-62 Aeroflot wfu, registration later known used on a Mi-8
4 00 05 CCCP-06300 Il-62 Aeroflot water tank pressurisation test frame; however, seen at Sheremetyevo Technical School feb80/sep89 in old Aeroflot c/s with registration on engines. In apr84 two Il-62's were seen in the school, the other presumed to be CCCP-86500
5 01 01 CCCP-86661 Il-62 Aeroflot f/f 30jun66 seen New Delhi 31jan68
5 01 02 CCCP-86662 Il-62 Aeroflot SXF 03sep68
5 01 03 CCCP-86663 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 09jul67
CCCP-86663 Il-62 LOT lsd 15may78
CCCP-86663 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 16oct78
CCCP-86663 Il-62 LOT lsd 05may79
CCCP-86663 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 12sep79
5 01 04 CCCP-86664 Il-62 Aeroflot SXF 28sep67
5 01 05 CCCP-86665 Il-62 Aeroflot YMX 11jul67
CCCP-86665 Il-62 CSA lsd ..apr68
CCCP-86665 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..jul69
6 02 01 CCCP-86666 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 11may68
CCCP-86666 Il-62 CSA lsd 02may68
CCCP-86666 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..jun69 reported returned 20aug68
86666 Il-62 Aeroflot c/s, n/t Mkk 22aug97 l/n Mkk 08may98
6 02 02 CCCP-86667 Il-62 Aeroflot BRU 07jul70
6 02 03 CCCP-86668 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 04oct72
6 02 04 CCCP-86669 Il-62 Aeroflot LBG early70
7 02 05 CCCP-86670 Il-62 Aeroflot ALA 17oct68 d/d to Monino museum 17jul83, still present aug01
7 03 01 CCCP-86671 Il-62 Aeroflot LBG 29may67
CCCP-86671 Il-62 CSA lsd ..jun69
CCCP-86671 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..oct69 crashed on approach to Sheremetyevo 13oct72
7 03 02 CCCP-86672 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 10aug68
CCCP-86672 Il-62 CSA lsd ..jul69
CCCP-86672 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..oct69 l/n ULY 09sep92 seen being broken up
7 03 03 CCCP-86673(1) Il-62M Aeroflot f/f 14may68 1st Il-62M flight; f/n Vnukovo 17may71; see c/n 3154416; seen RSC as an instructional airframe aug92/aug96, broken up by sep97
7 03 04 CCCP-86674(*) Il-62 Aeroflot ph. in 1973 f/n ANC 18may90; l/n Zuk 16aug92; registration also used on a Mi-6 c/n 715909
RA-86674(*) Il-62 Zhukov. Res Inst. CDG 21jun93 l/n Zuk 23aug97; Aeroflot c/s; trf 30aug94 to Gromov Air
8 03 05 CCCP-86675 Il-62 Aeroflot SVO 24may68 rgd 05nov68 !
CCCP-86675 Il-62 CSA lsd ..aug69
SU-ARX Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..may72
CCCP-86675 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 1973
RA-86675 Il-62 Aeroflot KJA 13jul93
8 04 01 CCCP-86676 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 22may69 l/n TAS 16apr92/08may95 derelict
8 04 02 CCCP-86677 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 22feb69 operated jointly with JAL during jul69
CCCP-86677 Il-62 Cubana lsd ..dec73 return unknown
CCCP-86677 Il-62 Aeroflot AMS 20dec74 l/n KHV jul92/jun94 derelict
8 04 03 CCCP-86678 Il-62 Aeroflot FCO 28dec68 rgd 14jan69 !
CCCP-86678 Il-62 CSA lsd ..jul69 return unknown
CCCP-86678 Il-62 Aeroflot KRA 09jul94 cannibalized
8 04 04 CCCP-86679 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 27may69 l/n TAS 08may95
8 04 05 CCCP-86680 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 01apr69
9 05 01 CCCP-86681 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 12apr69
SU-ARW Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..oct71 returned jun72
CCCP-86681 Il-62 Aeroflot TYO 14jul72
9 05 02 CCCP-86682 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 08mar69 operated jointly with JAL jul69, and with KLM apr71
9 05 03 CCCP-86683 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 21jun69
9 05 04 CCCP-86684 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 31jul69 operated jointly with KLM from oct71
2004 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d 08jul72 l/n GVA 24feb73, never r/r to B-2004 ?; returned 1973
CCCP-86684 Il-62 Aeroflot FCO 22jun75
9 05 05 CCCP-86685 Il-62 Aeroflot SXF 03jan70 seen displayed in city of Ulyanovsk aug92/oct99
9 06 01 CCCP-86686 Il-62 Aeroflot SXF 03jan70
9 06 02 OK-YBA Il-62 CSA d/d 29oct69 named 'Praha', wfu 04sep87, to Rozkos Dam 05sep88 as a tourist attraction, was broken up on 22aug94
9 06 03 OK-YBB Il-62 CSA d/d 28nov69 named 'Bratislava', wfu 05sep83, fate ?
9 06 04 CCCP-86687 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 10feb70
0 06 05 CCCP-86648    Il-62 Soviet AF/AFL c/s rgd 29dec73 f/n Spr 08oct77; Chkalovsky based and regular Sperenberg visitor until its l/n there 16mar82; l/n TAS 14apr92
86648 Il-62 Ukraine AF, n/t Mkk 22aug97 l/n Mkk 30apr99; was f/n 10may97 prefix but c/s not reported
0 07 01 OK-ZBC Il-62 CSA d/d 12apr70 named 'Ostrava', wfu 28sep84 l/n PRG 10sep90 and broken later that same month
0 07 02 DM-SEA Il-62 Interflug rgd 21apr70 crashed after take off SXF 14aug72, returned after tail broke off
0 07 03 CCCP-86649 Il-62 Soviet Gvt/AFL c/s rgd 29jul70 f/n SFX 14jun71; still Government aircraft CGN 1974
CCCP-86649 Il-62 Dalneywostotschney DME sep79 the big red titles mean 'Far-East'
CCCP-86649 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 03jun92
RA-86649 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 07jul93
RA-86649 Il-62 Domodedovo CAPA trf 25jul94 f/n DME 15may95; l/n DME 21may96; wfu 02feb97; was already canx 17jan94 !
0 07 04 DM-SEB Il-62 Interflug rgd 02jun70
DDR-SEB Il-62 Interflug rgd 07oct81 preserved in Rangsdorf but set on fire 05aug90 and destroyed
0 07 05 CCCP-86650 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 13aug70
SU-ARO Il-62 United Arab Airl. lsd 15jun71
SU-ARO Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..nov71 renamed Egypt Air; returned aug72
CCCP-86650 Il-62 Aeroflot TYO 16sep72
CCCP-86650 Il-62 Egypt Air/Aeroflot lsd ..jul73
CCCP-86650 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..sep73 preserved in Museum of Civil Aviation Ulyanovsk, l/n oct99
0 08 01 CCCP-86651 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 22sep70
SU-ARN Il-62 United Arab Airl. lsd ..jun71 renamed see next line
SU-ARN Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..nov71 crashed Cairo Almaza 16jun72, landed at the wrong field
0 08 02 CCCP-86652 Il-62 Aeroflot LBG 21oct70
CCCP-86652 Il-62 United Arab Airl. lsd ..jan71
CCCP-86652 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..mar71 operated jointly with KLM from apr71 to may71
CCCP-86652 Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jun72 until oct72 and then r/r to, see next line
SU-AVU Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..oct72 returned feb73
CCCP-86652 Il-62 Aeroflot TYO 08feb73
0 08 03 CCCP-86653 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 24dec70
CCCP-86653 Il-62 United Arab Airl. lsd ..jan71
CCCP-86653 Il-62 Aeroflot ret ..apr71 operated jointly with KLM from apr71 to aug71
CCCP-86653 Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jan72 until dec72 then r/r to, see next line
SU-AWJ Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jan73 until jul73 then r/r to, see next line
CCCP-86653 Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jul73 returned aug73
CCCP-86653 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 28apr74
0 08 04 CCCP-86654 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 09feb71 operated jointly with KLM during oct71
CCCP-86654 Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jun72 until jul72, then r/r to, see next line
SU-AVL Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..jul72 returned sep72
CCCP-86654 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 02oct72
0 08 05 CCCP-86655 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 16feb71 operated jointly with KLM from apr71 to nov71
SU-AVW Il-62 Egypt Air lsd ..oct72 returned sep73
CCCP-86655 Il-62 Aeroflot TYO 10oct73
0 09 01 CCCP-86656 Il-62M Aeroflot f/f 15apr72 1st Il-62M production aircraft flight; f/n HAJ 19apr72; rgd 18may72 !
RA-86656 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 09jul93
RA-86656 Il-62M Domodedovo CAPA trf 25jul94 f/n DME 07may95; canx 28apr97; l/n DME 25aug97
1 09 02 OK-ABD Il-62 CSA d/d 12mar71 named 'Kosice', wfu 30aug86, to Lipa as restaurant
1 09 03 DM-SEC Il-62 Interflug rgd 26mar71
DDR-SEC Il-62 Interflug rgd 20apr82 preserved near SXF at Interflug training school sep88, as a restaurant Gr?ss-Manchow early91/sep96; present mar98 and to be broken up
1 09 04 CCCP-86657 Il-62 Aeroflot rgd 01sep71 f/n HEL 17oct74
RA-86657 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 07jul93
RA-86657 Il-62 Domodedovo CAPA trf 25jul94 f/n DME 07may95; l/n DME 26aug95; canx 27sep95
1 09 05 CCCP-86688 Il-62 Soviet Gvt/AFL c/s CGN 03may73 and Helsinki 14nov74 and 07jul75; the aircraft was delivered to Leonid Brezhnev and probably transferred to the Tashkent division when a new VIP aircraft was delivered; l/n TAS 14apr92
CCCP-86658 Il-62M Aeroflot SVO 20jun77 confirmation on this aircraft welcome, see dates above ! ****
1 10 01 CCCP-86689 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 20aug71 operated jointly with KLM during dec71
CU-T994 Il-62 Cubana lsd ..sep72 never seen as such, ntu ?, only allocated ?
CCCP-86689 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..apr73 seen SXF 07aug74 with a Cubana Sticker
CCCP-86689 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 1974
1 10 02 CCCP-86690 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 06oct71 operated jointly with KLM during dec71
CCCP-86690 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..sep72 returned apr73
CCCP-86690 Il-62 Aeroflot CPH 20oct74
1 10 03 CCCP-86691 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 24sep91 operated jointly with KLM from jan72 to nov72
CCCP-86691 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..may73
CCCP-86691 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 1973
1 10 04 SP-LAA Il-62 LOT rgd 15mar72 named 'Nikolai Kopernik'; crashed near Warsaw 14mar80 when engine failure caused damaged to other engines & controls; canx 12aug80
1 10 05 2022 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d ..dec71 l/n PEK 25sep72
B-2022 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China r/r ..jul74 f/n LHR 08dec76; wfu PEK may87 and broken up oct93/feb94
1 11 01 2024 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d ..dec71 l/n TYO 23mar73
B-2024 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China r/r ..jul74 wfu PEK may87; preserved Changping Museum jun93/jun01
1 11 02 CCCP-86692 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 11jan74
RA-86692 Il-62M Aeroflot SVO 20apr93 l/n KHV 12may95; trf 01jun93 to Dalavia; canx 18jun96
1 11 03 CCCP-86693 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 18feb74 rgd 25feb71 !
RA-86693 Il-62M Aeroflot KHV 02jun93 trf 01jun93 to Dalavia; canx 13feb95; l/n KHV 12may95 derelict
1 11 04 CCCP-86694 Il-62 Aeroflot YQX 13jan74
UK-86694 Il-62 Uzbekistan Airways TAS 19may94 l/n TAS oct97 stored; last present in dec96 fleet list, fate ?
2 11 05 SP-LAB Il-62 LOT rgd 22apr72 named 'Tadeusz Kosciuszko'; canx 07dec82 d/d ex WAW 21nov82
CCCP-86706 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 24sep87
RA-86706 Il-62 Aeroflot KJA 13jul93
RA-86706 Il-62 Kras Air trf 05apr94 f/n LED 30aug95; canx 17dec97
86706 Il-62 Kras Air KJA 03jun01 wfu
2 12 01 2026 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d ..feb72
B-2026 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China r/r ..jul74 f/n HEL 18aug75; wfu PEK may87 and discovered near the road in Zhengzhou on road to Luoyang 17may01 and h as to become a restaurant
2 12 02 2028 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d ..apr72
B-2028 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China r/r ..jul74 f/n SVO 13jul77; wfu PEK may87 and broken up apr94/sep94
2 12 03 2020 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China d/d ..apr72 f/n CTN ..feb73
B-2020 Il-62 Civ Avn Adm China r/r ..jul74 wfu PEK may87 and broken up aug93/nov93
2 12 04 CCCP-86695 Il-62 Aeroflot BEY 06mar73
2 12 05 CCCP-86696 Il-62 Aeroflot ... ..oct73 now in Kiyiv Institute of Civil Engineering, l/n 04jul99
2 13 01 CCCP-86697 Il-62 Aeroflot STO 29oct72
CCCP-86697 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..feb74
CCCP-86697 Il-62 Aeroflot ORY 07jun75 l/n TAS 16apr92/08may95 derelict
2 13 02 YR-IRA Il-62 TAROM rgd 17apr73 CofA expired 02may91; canx 01feb96; broken up OTP 98/99
2 13 03 CCCP-86698 Il-62 Aeroflot TYO 02feb73 l/n DME 08sep93 seen being broken up
2 13 04 CCCP-86699 Il-62 Aeroflot rgd 20feb73 f/n SYD 15mar73
RA-86699 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 09jul93
RA-86699 Il-62 Domodedovo CAPA trf 25jul94 f/n DME 23sep94; canx 29jul95; l/n DME 26aug95
2 13 05 YR-IRB Il-62 TAROM mfd 06apr73 rgd 28apr73; CofA expired 15mar93; canx 01feb96; was l/n OTP jul96 stored and offered for sale by jan98
UN-86502(2) Il-62 Trans Asian Al IST 27aug98 l/n ALA 24sep99/08jun01 stored
3 14 01 SP-LAC Il-62 LOT rgd 24mar73 named 'Fryderyk Chopin'; canx 18nov82
CCCP-86556 Il-62 Soviet AF/AFL c/s Ckl 03jun92 had already returned to Soviet Union by 1983; l/n Eng 12aug99 and again on 17aug01 but now preserved
3 14 02 DM-SEF Il-62 Interflug rgd 10apr73
DDR-SEF Il-62 Interflug rgd 26mar81 wfu 03may89, preserved Leipzig, l/n feb98
3 14 03 DM-SEG Il-62 Interflug rgd 04may73
DDR-SEG Il-62 Interflug rgd 15oct81 ferried Stoelln-Rhinow 23oct89 and wfu, l/n oct95
3 14 04 CCCP-86659 Il-62 Soviet AF/AFL c/s DEL 20mar68 and Sperenberg 09dec76; last report for Sperenberg 04jul78 but photo still in Soviet Air Force magazine jul80
CCCP-86659 Il-62 Aeroflot PRG ..jul88
UK-86659 Il-62 Uzbekistan Airways FRA 27jul93 l/n TAS 09may98 in service; not in fleet list 30oct00, fate ?
3 14 05 DM-SEH Il-62 Interflug rgd 04jul73
DDR-SEH Il-62 Interflug rgd 19may81 wfu 09nov89 preserved Alach 2km from Erfurt l/n 04sep99 and by 25sep99 only small piece of tail and nosecone were left
3 15 01 OK-DBE Il-62 CSA d/d 23aug73 named 'Brno'; wfu dec88 and l/n PRG 10sep90; fate ?
3 15 02 OK-DBF Il-62 CSA d/d 17sep73 hit sand dune on approach Damascus 20aug75 and exploded
3 15 03 CCCP-86700 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 18jan74
RA-86700 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 20mar93 l/n KHV 12may95; trf 01jun93 to Dalavia; canx 19mar97
3 15 04 CCCP-86701 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 12jan74 rgd 18jan74 !
RA-86701 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 20mar93
3 15 05 CCCP-86702 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 25jan74 rgd 29jan74 !
RA-86702 Il-62M Aeroflot KHV 24may93 l/n DME 25aug97; trf 01jun93 to Dalavia; canx 30jan98
4 16 01 CCCP-86703 Il-62M Aeroflot rgd 28aug74 f/n SVO 04oct75
RA-86703 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 20mar93 dbr DME oct92 when cigarette dropped during refuelling causing fire; broken up mar93
4 16 02 OK-EBG Il-62 CSA d/d 07mar74 named 'Banska Bystrica', departed Prague 25nov91 to USA, Charlotte Aerospace Compagny, NC, apr92; seen with 'Super VC-10' titles 02jun93 on a scrapyard at Maxton Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA, l/n there oct00
4 16 03 CCCP-86704 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 31mar74
CCCP-86704 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd 1974
CCCP-86704 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 1974 seen Amsterdam 10may74, before or after lease ?
UK-86704 Il-62 Uzbekistan Airways LED 11jul94 l/n TAS 08may95; not in 1996 and 1997 fleet list, stored/wfu ?
4 16 04 SP-LAD Il-62 LOT rgd 25apr74 named 'Kazimierz Pulaski'; canx 03may83; d/d ex WAW 17apr83
CCCP-86707 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 24mar86
RA-86707 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 20mar93
RA-86707 Il-62 Kras Air trf 05apr94 f/n DME 26aug95; l/n BCN 28aug98
RA-86707 Il-62 Aeroflot c/s, n/t KJA 03jun01 wfu in a compound
4 16 05 CCCP-86705 Il-62M Aeroflot AMS 09jun74 rgd 20jun74 !
CCCP-86705 Il-62M Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..mar76
CCCP-86705 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 03jun92
RA-86705 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 20mar93 l/n DME 04jul94; trf 25jul94 to Domodedovo CAPA; canx 06feb95
4 17 01 CCCP-86605 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 04sep74
4 17 02 CCCP-86606 Il-62 Aeroflot LHR 18aug74
4 17 03 CCCP-86607 Il-62M Aeroflot LHR 04oct74 rgd 18oct74 !
CCCP-86607 Il-62M Cubana/Aeroflot PRG 11mar76
CCCP-86607 Il-62M Aeroflot DME 24sep87 canx but date unknown; l/n DME sep92/sep93 being broken up
4 17 04 CCCP-86608 Il-62 Aeroflot AMS 14sep74
CCCP-86608 Il-62 Cubana/Aeroflot lsd ..mar75
CCCP-86608 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 1975
4 17 05 CCCP-86609 Il-62 Aeroflot ARN 03nov74 l/n ALA 22apr93 wrecked
4 18 01 CCCP-86610 Il-62 Aeroflot ARN 17nov74 rgd 21nov74 !
CCCP-86610 Il-62 LOT lsd 29mar85
CCCP-86610 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 09oct85
UK-86610 Il-62 Uzbekistan Airways LHR 20apr93 l/n TAS 1995/may98 wfu, used as ground trainer
4 18 02 SP-LAE Il-62 LOT rgd 07dec74 named 'Henryk Sienkiewicz'; canx 10oct83; d/d ex WAW 25sep83
CCCP-86708 Il-62 Aeroflot LED 05may89
RA-86708 Il-62 Aeroflot LED 14jun93
RA-86708 Il-62 Kras Air trf 05apr94 f/n IST 11aug95; l/n KJA 03jun01
4 18 03 CCCP-86611 Il-62 Soviet Gvt/AFL c/s rgd 04apr75 f/n SXF 30jun76; trf to DME dir., date unknown
CCCP-86611 Il-62 LOT lsd 26may84
CCCP-86611 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 22nov84
CCCP-86611 Il-62 LOT lsd 31mar85
CCCP-86611 Il-62 Aeroflot ret 05sep85
RA-86611 Il-62 Aeroflot DME 20mar93 l/n DME 01sep93; canx 27dec93; was rep for Domodedovo CAPA
4 18 04 CCCP-86612 Il-62 Soviet Gvt/AFL c/s SXF ..jun76 Vnukovo VIP flight, transferred to, see next line
CCCP-86612 Il-62 Soviet AF/AFL c/s trf 01feb79 after delivery of CCCP-86460; f/n Spr 20oct78; l/n Spr 12mar81
86612 Il-62 Ukraine AF, n/t Mkk 18sep96 l/n Mkk 30apr99; with Ukraine flag on tail
4 18 05 OK-BYV (1) Il-62 CS-Gvt (LSFMV) d/d ..dec74
OK-FBF Il-62 CSA d/d 05aug81
OK-FBF Il-62 Espe Air PRG 12mar93 named 'Humanit?'
OK-FBF Il-62 Georgia Air PRG 28nov93 l/n PRG feb95; canx from register early 1998

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