I-250 (MiG-13, N)
Fighter fitted out with combined powerplant

History of creation

Компоновка I-250     Design all-metal. The sizes of an airplane small, wing area only 15,0 м2, it of a thin section, with special aerodynamic layout.
    I-250 combined powerplant consisted of VK-107A engine rated at 1650 hp and VRDK booster developed in TSIAM under K.V.Kholshchevnikov. Power produced by piston engine supplied propeller and VRDK compressor. Power-plant scheme During take-off and in flight with VRDK off, power was used mainly by propeller; VRDK compressor was rotating at the lowest gear ratio. In order to reduce take-off run and attain maximum speed, the second, highest gear ratio was selected and combustion chamber has been supplied by fuel. The combustion chamber - about family by injectors behind a cabin, output gas nozzle - with adjustable lateral doors. The common power of a piston engine and VDRK was 2800 h.p. at the altitude 7000 m at speed of 820 km/h. Three-blade AV-10P-60 propeller, 3.1 m in diameter, was used on the aircraft.
    Armament consisted of three B-20, 20 mm-cal. cannon (100 shells for each cannon). One cannon shot through a hollow gear shaft; two synchronous cannon were mounted at the fuselage sides.
    Unlike prototypes I-250, MiG-13's fuel reserve loaded to four wing tanks was increased by 190 kg. The range without actuation VDRK on speed of 600 km/h has increased up to 1818 km.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type I-250 (N) MiG-13 (N)
Function Fighter fitted out with combined powerplant
First flight March 3, 1945
Crew 1
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 8,185 8,20
Overall height, m 3,7  
Wing Span, m 9,5 9,5
Wing Area, m2 15 15

Take-off weight, kg

standart 3680 3931
Empty weight, kg 2797 (2935) 3028
Weight, kg fuel 430 590 (570)
oil 80 80
Specific wing load, kg/sq.m. 245 262
Engines Piston VK-107A with VDRK booster
Power, h.p. взлетная 1650
at altitude 3800 m 1450
with VDRK H=7 km V=820 km/h 2800
Trust VDRK, kgf 600
Specific power load, kg/h.p. 2,23 2,38
Max. speed, km/h at altitude 7,8 км 825  
at ground level 670 (project)  
Landing speed, km/h 150  
Range at altitude, km 1380 (project) 1818
Time to climb 5000 m, min 4,6  
Practical ceiling, m 11900  
Cannon 3х 20 mm B-20

I-250 SchemeРаскраска И-250
VK-107A со снятым капотом

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