(product 01B, product 12, product 01BS) FoxHound

MiG-31BS     A two-seat supersonic interceptor, the MiG-31 derivative with an improved Zaslon-A weapons control system, superior long-range missiles (R-33S), additional missile (the R-40TD medium-range missiles and R-60 short-range missiles), modernised navigation computer and new data exchange modes. MiG-31B was equipped with in-flight refuelling system from airplanes - tankers of Il-78 or Su-24T. Time in flight with drop tanks - 3,6 h, with refuelling - 6-7 hours. and in-flight refuelling system.
    July, 30, 1987 test-pilot Roman Taskaev and test-navigation officer Leonid Popov for the first time in world practice have flown by on a fighter - interceptor above North Pole on a route Monchegorsk - Polus - Anadyr (Chukotka). It has been mass-produced at NGAZ Sokol since 1990.МиГ-31Б
    MiG-31BS - that designation was given to the MiG-31s updated at Sokol plant to the MiG-31B aircraft capabilities, but not equiped with in-flight refuelling system.
    In the beginning of 90th years because of shortage of means at Russia Ministry of Defence of purchase of fighters the MiG-31 were stopped. It is constructed more than 500 interceptors, more than 350 from which now are on arms of air force of Russia. Some tens MiG-31 are present also in air force of Kazakhstan.

MiG-31B side 74. 1995

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type MiG-31B
NATO code name Foxhound
Function long-range interceptor
Crew 2
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 22,688
Overall height, m 6,15
Wing Span, m 13,464
Wing Area, m2 61,6
Wheel base, m 7,113
Wheel track, m 3,638
Take-off weight, kg max. (2 drop tank) 46200
normal 41000
empty 21825
Internal fuel, kg 16350
Warload, kg 4000
Engines 2 Turbofan D-30F6
Thrust, kgf (kN) max 9500 (91)
in afterburner 15510 (152)
Speed, km/h (M=) max at ground level 1500
max at altitude 17500 m 3000 (2,83)
cruise 2500 (2,35)
Radius of action, km supersonic (М=2,35) 720
subsonic without drop tank 1200
subsonic with drop tank 1400
subsonic with drop tank and refuelling 2200
Ferry range, km 3300
Barrage time, h with drop tank 3,6
with refuelling 6-7
Practical ceiling, m 20600
Take-off run, m 1200
Landing run, m 800
Cannon GSh-6-23M six-barrel 23 mm
Missiles AA R-33, R-33S 4
R-40TD 2
R-73 4
R-60M 4

MiG-31 scheme

MiG-31B №592 with R-33 and R-40MiG-31BMiG-31B

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