patrol-transport aircraft

S-80PT     The S-80PT, a patrol-transport version of the S-80 aircraft, the Emergency Situation Ministry and Boarder Guard Service of Russian Federation showed their interested in, is capable of all-weather round-the-clock missions patrolling sea and ground borderlines for 6-9 hours. In addition, this version is capable of giving a lift to troops and materiel, airdrop of troops and cargo, pipeline inspection, ice drift control, search and rescue missions.
    The patrol/transport version of the S-80 aircraft is equipped with a Strizh on-board complex (developed by the Leninets holding company) which includes multifunctional all-round looking radar installed in the forebody and infrared imaging equipment. The Strizh complex allows acquisition of ship-type targets at ranges up to 220 km and location of a man aboard inflatable life raft at distances up to 1.5-2 km. Via special-purpose radio channel interception groups, combat units or rescue teams can be guided to the located air, sea or ground targets.
    On-board arrangement of Strizh complex components provides for a usage of inner space for solution of respective tasks (particularly, housing 20 parachutists or paratroopers).
    The S-80PT is fitted with a container- installed gun located under the fuselage. Four undenting suspension units can accommodate guided 'air-to-surface', 'air-to-air' missiles and unguided missile modules.

Design AOOT "OKB Sukhoi"
Type S-80PT
Year 2000
Function patrol-transport aircraft
Crew 2
Paratroopers 20 
Dimensions & Weight
Wingspan, m 23,16
Length, m 17,85
Overall height, m 5,58
Wing area, sq.m. 44
Maximal takeoff weight, kg 12500
Maximal payload, kg 3000
Fuel weight, kg ( litr ) 2350 (2500)
Engines turboprpp GE CT-9B
Power, h.p. (kWt) 2х 1870
Performance (project)
Cruising speed, km/h 510
Operating range with 1560 kg load, km 2475
Ferry range, км 2890
Time of a loitering of an airplane, hours 10-12
Practical seiling, m 8000
Cruising altitude, m 6000
Takeoff run (Gmax, MCA, H=0m), m 555
Landing roll (with braking and reverse of propeller), m 280

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