MiG-31M (product 05)
Improved FoxHound
long-range interceptor

Опытный МиГ-31 б/н 051 со снятым обтекателем РЛС     A two-seat supersonic fighter-interceptor, further development of the MiG-31 with a new weapons control system designated Zaslon-M. The aircraft is equipped with a radar featuring a doubled effective range, which is capable of simultaneously tracking and engage more targets. The MiG-31M main armament is six long-range missiles under the fuselage in tandem, three abreast and four RVV-AE medium-range missiles under the wings, the cannon is dismantled. The aircraft design is somewhat updated - the middle fuselage fairing cross-section is larger, the cockpit canopy features a caseless windshield and smaller area of the operator's transparency, the wing is equipped with large leading-edge extensions, the infrared direction finder under the forward fuselage is non-retractable.MiG-31M It is powered by enhanced D-30F-6M engines. The internal fuel tank capacity was increased. The aircraft has an in-flight refuelling capability. The ECM and individual defence systems are united into the integral defence system. 
    The operator's cockpit control board equipment was changed.
    Test-pilot Boris Orlov and test-navigator Leonid Popov flew out the prototype (registration number 051) on 21 December, 1985. In the late eighties, the Sokol aircraft plant (NGAZ) built the development batch of the MiG-31Ms, which underwent the official testing successfully.

Design OKB A.I.Mikoyan
Type MiG-31M
NATO code name Improved Foxhound (Foxhound-B)
Function long-range interceptor
First flight 21 December, 1985
Crew 2
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 22,69
Overall height, m 6,15
Wing Span, m 13,46
Wing Area, m2 61,6
Take-off weight, kg max. (2 drop tank) 52000
Warload, kg 9000
Engines 2 Turbofan D-30F6M
Thrust, kgf (kN) max -
in afterburner 16500
Speed, km/h (M=)
max at altitude 17500 m 3000 (2,83)
cruise 2500 (2,35)
Practical ceiling, m 20600
Missiles AA R-33S or R-37 6
R-40TD 2

MiG-31M schemeКабина штурмана МиГ-31М
Корневые наплывы крыла МиГ-31М увеличеныМиГ-31ММиГ-31МMiG-31M on MAKS-95МиГ-31М

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