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Intermediate Range Bomber

    In 1983, OKB Tupolev and OKB Sukhoi received governmental demands for a new medium-range bomber to replace Tu-22M3 (Backfire) bombers already in service. By this time OKB Sukhoi engineers were already working on the T-60 project, which would replace not only Tu-22M but also Tu-16 and Su-24.
    According to vice-general designer of the OKB Sukhoi O.S.Samoilovich as M.Simonov became vice-minister of Aviation Industry, he pulled-out an idea that all projects should be developed in TsAGI (sort of like NASA) while the actual improvement and construction would be done by the design bureau.Схема "двухтрубного" двигателя
    This kind of project codenamed T-60 with full report on model testing in wind tunnels was transfered to OKB Sukhoi in 1981, and works continued managed by N.Chernyakov and V.F.Marov. The development was almost completely identical to the T-4MS project except for two new and absolutely absurd technical solutions. First was the replacement of turning wing consoles fully under the fuselage without taking into consideration real wing deformations. Second was the use of variable-level double-path jet, the so-called double-tube jet. In this case, the stupidness was lying right on the surface, but for authorities it was presented as an ordinary breakthrough in aviation technology. Especially after that kind of jet was made at OKB Kolesov and actually passed initial tests. At the same time two things weren't taken into consideration: how will such engine will fit into the aircraft and what kind of output would it give to the aircraft in general. Several mistakes were found during the wind tunnel testing program. Despite all that, heavy works on the T-60S project were held all the way until the unfortunate collapse of the USSR. 
    It was planned that the aircraft will enter service by 2003.
    The T-60S was briefly mentioned here and there with a few artist impressions appearing in the press, but factual information remains scarce. Recently an interesting article about T-60S and other perspective Russian bomber designs appeared in the Air International (Nov. 1998, pp. 274-278). The article suggests that the T-60S, which weights around 80 tones, may be a high-altitude, high-speed bomber with a lifting body fuselage design and a swing-wing construction. Mach 2 cruise speed on high altitude, stealth technology, internal placement of extreme range stealth cruise missiles will make T-60S an ideal medium range attack aircraft.Т-60С глазами AIR International
    Although no photographs of the T-60S are available, Piotr Butkowski (Air International correspondent on Russian aviation) believes that the T-60S features a variable geometry wing, flat lifting fuselage and two engines, equipped with two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles.
      The engine air intakes are believed to be shoulder mounted, slightly forward of the wing root. Armament is understood to include up to six Kh-101 stealthy cruise missiles, as well as Kh-55/65(AS-15) and Kh-15P (AS-16) missiles, free-fall nuclear weapons and precision guided conventional munitions.
    In 1990s the project was kind of frozen due to lack of funding. According to several reports, by 1998 the T-60S remained on the stage of development without any construction taking place and could enter service by late 2020s.
    At the same time, starting from 1994 new aircraft has begun its testing program the Su-34 which is expected to replace the Su-24. And a decision was made to uprate the existing Tu-22M3 («145») to the Tu-22M5 («245») level.
    In March 2000, Russian experts were close to conclusion on who should handle the development of Tu-160 Blackjack replacement. Assuming all that, the T-60S doesn't look so much needed any longer, beside that it's not economically efficient anymore. It's still possible that the T-60S will have some continuation but it's very doubtful to be so.

Design AOOT «OKB Sukhoi»
Type T-60S
Years of development 1983-93
Function supersonic intermediate range bomber
Dimensions & Weight
Length, m 40 (38)
Wing Span, m x= 70º 24
x = 30º 37
Overall height, m 10
Max. take-off weight, kg 85000
Empty weight, kg 32000
Engines 2 variable-level bypass engine or TVC engines
Thrust, kgf (kN) 2х 23500
Performance (project)
Speed, km/h (Mach=) max 2,04
cruise 2,02
Max. range, km 6000
Range with max load, m 2200
Cruising altitude, m 15000
Ceiling, m 20000
Cruise missiles Kh-55MS, -65, -101 (up to 6-8)
Aeroballistic missiles Kh-15P
Warload, kg 20000

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